A Perfect Sunday Afternoon

We took a walk around a little area called Manayunk this morning. It's a short drive from our place and such a cute part of Philly! There are lots of shops, cafes, and pretty brick walls to take photos in front of ;) After we snapped a few photos, we grabbed coffee and headed to church. Max is usually really good about playing in kids church with some of his buddies. He definitely cries when we drop him off, but is always running around having a blast when we come to pick him up. He's equal parts shy and outgoing. I kind of love the way he clings to us when we're around new people anyway! He's such a little joy - always making us smile and see the beauty in everyday. Oh, and he won't let go of this little school bus I bought him when I was in Indiana. I made a big deal of giving it to him when I got home, and he's been obsessed ever since. It's soooo cute...he even brings it to bed with him

Now can this weekend just last forever, please?!


Totally forgot to post these photos from last week! Whoops! Well, here ya go. Some words from last weekend:

We met up with some friends at our local orchard last weekend, and it was such a blast! We went earlier in the day so the air still had that slight chill. This is my favorite season, especially with my little boy in tow. He makes everything a little more magical. We're spending our weekend cleaning our apartment with the windows open and Sam Cooke blasting. Hope you're all having an equally perfect day! 



We usually go for a twilight walk, after we've had our fill of dinner. The days are suddenly shorter, leaving us with cotton-candy-pink skies. Max loves looking up to find planes and birds up in the evening sky. He is such a joy to be around, even as we are seeing his toddler stubbornness come through recently. He has strong opinions about what he wants to do. I'm hoping this is a sign that he will be a strong and brave leader someday. But for now, we do our best to be patient as we shape him into the best possible version of himself. But for the most part he is our constant angel. He is always smiling and giving high fives to new friends. He has a little girlfriend Lucy who lives up the street. He has somehow remembered the way to her front door, after only one time visiting her house....a little prince charming in the making. I think it must be love. 


Last Days of Summer

We're holding onto the last days of summer...taking walks around our neighborhood, munching on fresh watermelon and enjoying the summer sun on our skin. As much as I'm looking forward to autumn, I will miss these long days filled with sunshine. I cherish our evening walks after I get home from work. But autumn will bring new traditions like apple picking, pumpkin carving, and letting Max taste his first hot chocolate. 
I love seeing him discover new things. The way he spots planes before any of us even notice. How he will always stop and smell flowers. The way he runs to the window whenever he hears a fire truck.  How he tries to repeat words we say to him. The way he's quick to say "Hi" and "Bye" to strangers and give them a big, cheesy smile. How he looks back and makes sure I'm holding his hand when he's unsure of what's ahead of him. All of these moments are ones that I will forever hold so dear to my heart. And while I see how big he's getting everyday, there are those moments when I realize he's still a baby; unsure of the world around him and happy to have me by his side. I think I will always see him as my little 7lb 8oz baby boy. But I know one day he'll tower over me and not constantly need me to help him along. So for now I'll cherish the times when he runs after me when I walk out of a room or yells "ma ma ma ma ma ma!" until I appear. Because having someone love and trust you so fully and unconditionally is an incredibly special gift.


Family Love

These guys make everything alright. Our quiet evening walks mean the world to me. Even when life gets crazy and stressful, everything is ok because we're all together. After a crazy couple days, we are having a well-needed rest this weekend. Today consisted of church, a couple coffee runs, a few donuts, and Parks & Rec reruns on repeat while Max naps. Just what we needed today. Gonna go soak up the rest of this beautiful Sunday <3 nbsp="" p="">


Little Light

My little 15 month old angel. I keep looking at him and thinking, "Man, he looks so much older today." I feel like he's been having so many growth spurts and is changing so quickly before our eyes. And his personality is coming out strong lately. He is such a funny kid! I feel like he's gonna be that kid who does anything to make people laugh. Tonight in the bath, he grabbed a bar of soap and put it in his mouth. I laughed and tried to take it away from him. He went on to put it back in his mouth and started cracking up. Which made me crack up. Which made him want to eat the soap even more. Whoops. I guess we can scratch off the whole "wash your mouth out with soap" punishment because...he doesn't seem to mind it!

I definitely fall in love with him a million times over every single day. How is that even possible?! I love my little goofball so much. Light of my life, that one. 



Well. We've found it. The perfect cafe. It's a place called Malvern Buttery and let me tell ya...it. is. amazing. The pastries are ridiculously good and the coffee is outta this world. It feels like we're at a New Zealand cafe, which is saying a lot! Not to mention there is a little area for kids with books and toys. We love grabbing a few books and getting cozy on the couch with Max. We have gone there pretty much every weekend since we discovered it. Since I work all week, we always make it a point to go out together as a family on the weekends. Otherwise, life gets too busy and we forget to do the fun things! The weekends are a nice reminder of how special our time together is.