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Last night, some of my best friends & I had a post-Christmas gift exchange.
With one of our friends traveling to see her family for the holidays, yesterday was the first day we were able to get together!
Among some of the most amazingly thoughtful, beautiful presents (which I'm sure I'll be sharing within the week!),
my friend Aston gave me this beautiful pleated skirt!
Ok, first off, I had just been telling my sister how I wanted to get a pleated skirt.
Secondly, this skirt is the SOFTEST thing ever. It's amazing.
So naturally, I planned my whole outfit around this skirt today ;)

I found an equally soft, beautiful shirt that my sister had given me for my birthday.
and let me tell ya..this shirt & skirt were made for each other!!
I was pretty excited about this combination. And that BOTH beauties were gifts from two girls I love?! Bonus.
And another bonus? They look perfect with my favorite coat. Which was ALSO a gift from a gal I love..my Mom <3

Oh, and my hair was inspired by the lovely Audrey Hepburn.
I thought I'd try out a simple beehive-esque ponytail!
I was watching Charade last night, and her hair was adorable all. the. time.

[Cary Grant & Audrey Hepburn.]

If you've never seen Charade, you definitely should!!
It's a murder-mystery that's pretty funny & quirky.
And watching Audrey is magical. Of course.

Well I hope you're all having the loveliest Wednesday!
Tim & I have been having a nice morning together.
But I must be off to work now ;)



  1. Soooooo cute!!!!! you look like Audrey :)

  2. You look so cute! I love all the pinky tones. Just wondering where that backpack is from? I've been looking for a new (prettier) one and that one is gorgeous!

  3. That skirt is such a nice gift! I adore it :) and I also LOVE that antro coat :) Your posts are always so fun to read! x

  4. you look wonderful, all the gifts go perfectly together

  5. I absolutely love the pink hues in this outfit! so chic.


  6. Those two seriously ARE made for each other! I also agree with the backpack rule, and your floral one is adorable. Happy hump day!

  7. ohhh charade is on my movies to watch! that backpack is adorable as well! xo

  8. So, I doubt I'll ever be as stylish as you...So I always enjoy visiting your blog..Great outfit..love the colors!

    Janette, the Jongleur

    PS. LOOVE Charade! I love them together!!!

  9. absolutely amazing with your outfit.lovely pastel color and pretty bag :) super love

  10. I recently discovered your blog, and I love it! Your style is super cute and you are super pretty! Happy to be a new follower!

  11. Love the outfit! You look gorgeous.
    And Love the hair!
    And love Audrey Hepburn and Charade!

  12. LOVE!!!! being girly and wearing pink is so wonderful!

  13. so cute! i have these wedges from uo..most comfy fancy shoes ever. charade is one of my favorites too! just discovered your blog, love it!


  14. I love charade! (I watched it on halloween w some "friends" [by that I mean people I sort of know but we don't really hang out] and they DID NOT appreciate it. Boo)
    and I LOVE this outfit!! SO cute!

  15. i love the pink shades in this look! great pleated skirt :)

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  16. Cute blog! I adore you hair :) Audrey is so amazing for fashion inspiration!

  17. Jessica, the bag is Kimichi Blue (from Urban Outfitters!) And oddly enough...ANOTHER gift from my Mom ;)

  18. That skirt looks cute. =)


  19. i love grey and pink together!
    you look so beautiful. i am drooling over your amazing jacket. ;)
    i have had my eye on that bag.. anything floral is my cup of tea.

  20. What a cute outfit! I love all of the pink. I really LOVE that coat as well. So gorgeous.

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  21. So much pink, I love it!!! I also want a pleated skirt, actually I want a few of them , in different colours. Yours is lovely!

    And I love Charade too, and Audrey! <3

  22. I love Charade! This outfit is so lovely!

  23. This outfit is perfect! :)


  24. Darling! The warm and feminine pink hues are divine.

  25. This is such a gorgeous outfit! Love, love, love the colors here.

  26. Super cute! Very whimsical with all the pink!

    xo Jennifer


  27. That skirt is beautiful! Your whole outfit is just perfect!

  28. That skirt is beautiful! Your whole outfit is just perfect!