Neighborhood Stroll

The other day, we discovered a really great park right by our apartment. Apparently it was renovated a few years ago with swings, two separate playgrounds, and a little splash pad where water shoots out of the ground. I snapped some photos on the way over (and a bunch of photos once we got to the park, which will be another post!). I love our quiet little neighborhood in northwest Philly. It's close enough to the city where we can easily drive in, but it's still quiet and clean. It's especially gorgeous in the springtime, when everything is blooming! Days like these are my favorite. I could play with Max on a little playground for hours and hours. I love watching him explore and find joy in the smallest things. His current obsession is pushing his stroller around the park. He's so proud of his newfound walking skills and always tries to run while pushing his stroller. A lot of times it ends with a little tumble, but he always gets up and keeps going. We're learning what a determined (and sometimes stubborn!) boy he is already.

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