oh, the beauty.

we finally got some film developed!
it's more expensive over here, so we rarely take film in.

valentines day, florence's farm, and lots of fun days...all wrapped into one roll.

new zealand is gorgeous.
i can't believe it's already mid-february.
where has the time gone?

i know we're going to miss it when we go back to america.
i just went to the beach and read a book this morning.
nowhere to do that in indiana.

this place is wonderful.


  1. hey sorry i don't know you, but your pictures are great! :)
    new zealand looks amazing! i plan to visit this spring or summer..if i can afford it ekk

  2. cousins!! it looks absolutely beautiful there. i hope i can visit with you when you go back.
    kylie; are you still getting married? if so, when?

    email me back dears: kendallcore@gmail.com

    i want to know how life is treating you.

    -kendall darling