heart like a kickdrum.

christen here :)

a couple things.

#1. the new album from The Avett Brothers comes out today!!

i was so delighted to find out that my Starbucks has the entire CD on our playlist. work just got so much better.
and buying my favorite band's CD for %30 off? yes please! thanks employee discount.

#2. i love my friends

#3. fall is here, and i love it.

i indulged in a peppermint mocha this morning.
there's just something about peppermint and chilly weather...i love it.

goodbye summer flowers, hello fall leaves and snowfall.

kylie & i are reunited in 19 days.

i get to see my fiance and my twin soon :)

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  1. i am IN LOVE with that bottom picture of the flowers...beautiful!