for the love of summer!

today has been quite a lovely day in indiana.
the sun has been shining all day, and there's been a more-than-usual chill in the air.

some things that i have absolutely LOVED about this summer:

driving around in my '74 beetle with the top down.

drinking some delicious drinks at work.

enjoying my new(!!!) job.
here's a shoot they did at macy's a little while back.

Macy's Chicago Photo Shoot from Studio This Is - Jason Monroe on Vimeo.

(i just started editing photos & assisting on shoots)

all images via we heart it.

indiana summers are glorious <3


  1. congrats on your new job! It looks right up your alley. Is it full time? How are the hours? What's Tim up to? Love you both - Aunt Pat

  2. hi aunt pat!
    the job is part-time, but it's so much fun! i'm there about 15 hours a week, and i help out with weddings & photoshoots. it's great!

    tim is doing good. he is helping out at a film studio. he's only volunteering right now (since he hasn't gotten his work permit yet), but he's having fun with it. he's doing storyboard drawing :)

    hope all is well wish you & your family. we miss you guys a lot!!