more little lovelies!

i've made two new couples!
they are darling.

i found some amazing fabric stashed away my old 'wedding stuff' box.
i used the pretty pink floral fabric as a table cloth for our head table.
i didn't use the orange material at our wedding,
but it's just plain cute!

here they are folks:

(i've started stitching full floral patterns on their backs!)

my little orange couple. they are quirky & fun:

i love them! they are beautiful.

my next stitching endeavor?
i've gotten a request for a hubby & wifey & a little baby boy.
it'll be so adorable!


  1. Ehehe. I particularly love these. :)

  2. how much do you charge for your little guys? :)

  3. i'm starting out charging $20 per couple. if you're interested, i can post them on etsy for you to buy!

    i'm just holding out because i'm doing a craft show next month, and i want to build up stock ;)