Our Wedding Photos

we just got our wedding photos back this afternoon!
they are certainly worth the wait...

they turned out amazing.
Parker captured the essence of the day so well.
the lights, the atmosphere, the emotions caught in time.
such an incredible talent.

i love taking a journey back to the happiest day ever.
may 22nd, 2010.

here are a few.
(i'm thinking i might just keep posting my favorites over the next few weeks!)

i'll start off with some 'getting ready' shots:

that'll be all for now! i'll definitely post more over the next few weeks.

but if you're feeling REALLY ambitious, you can see my entire (beautiful!) wedding here.

needless to say, i LOVE them all so much!


  1. you're beautiful. the pictures show that it was definitely a wonderful day. i am happy for you!

  2. aww so beautiful! lovely dress as well.

  3. i love these. all of them are so beautiful!