holiday craziness!

yep. i've officially stepped into the world of holiday craziness.
between two jobs, a husband, a dog, christmas-time crafting, and christmas shopping...
life is busy to say the least!

PLUS, northwest indiana is currently under a whole bunch of snow!
a winter wonderland, for sure ;)

so, my plans for today?

i've got big plans for my holiday gifts this year.
think: handmade (and hand-stamped!) gift tags, brown craft paper, pretty ribbon, and POSSIBLY candy canes!

(image via we heart it.)

they're going to be beautiful!
i also need to buy or make a christmas tree skirt one of these days.
it's crazy that christmas is only a couple short weeks away!!

alright, i'm off to sew and wrap pressies!


  1. Christen, you need a hobby!!Hee hee!! try not to go nuts!! Love you, Aunt pat

  2. that is such a great idea! i just started shopping yesterday and i'm a broke college student.. i've definitely been thinking of more crafty gift ideas this year.