strawberry sky dusted with white-winter-powdered-sugar sun

so, you know how the midwest just got a crazy blizzard?
well, indiana decided it wasn't done snowing yet!
so this morning i woke up to even more snow!

i took casey for a walk and snapped some photos of everything.
i was born in california, and tim grew up in sunny new zealand.
needless to say, neither one of us are huge fans of the snow & coldness.
but we can still enjoy the beauty of it, right?!

my neighbor's cute little vintage bug was encased in snow.

i walked around the block, then retreated inside for some outfit shots.
i'm so stoked about this little dress!
i was at macy's yesterday, shopping with my mom, when i found this!
it was originally $50, but i snagged it for a mere $13!

dress - macy's
tights - kohls
sweater - thrifted
bolo necklace - thrifted
purple flower belt - anthropologie
shoes - thrifted
hat - urban outfitters
earrings - betsey johnson

i found these cute heels at the thrift store last year. obviously i didn't wear them out in the snow, but i thought they looked too cute with the dress.

a couple other things..

i picked up this copy of Stuffed Magazine the other day, and i'm totally smitten.
there are so many unique, creative softies in here i can hardly handle it!
i spent about an hour the day i got it flipping through, then looking up all the beautiful crafters' websites.

new goal? to have my owlies in Stuffed.

also! i was lucky enough to win the giveaway on team boo's blog a couple weeks ago.
i won a gift certificate for Goose & Trisser's etsy.
i was so excited to buy this adorable embroidery hoop from her!

i got a custom family crest with our last name initial & the year we were married.
i'm kinda in love with it.

welp. have a lovely day.
hopefully nobody else is in snowed-in land like me!
i'm off to finish some crafty things for friends.



  1. Love this outfit! Especially the cute shoes and belt.


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  3. Sigh, why did that sweater have to be thrifted? I was hoping I could pick that beauty up for myself!

  4. love that tie! What a fun blog you have! I love it, and am excited to start catching up on all your posts!