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Today has been so much fun! I've been playing around with my hair all day.
After much experimenting this morning, I stuck with this look.
I used an amazing tutorial by The Girl Never Gets Older.
It was really easy, and I think it turned out so great & fancy.

[some black & white fun for ya.]

Oh, and I had the pleasure of being asked to do a product review for Misikko.
I got the package in the mail the other day. What a delightful surprise!
Not only did they send me an amazing HANA Flat Iron...they sent me a load of wonderful products.

So, I decided to try it out.
Here are the straight/curly shots.
And just for fun, I let my hair get suuuuuper curly. Showered, then slept on it. Pure madness ;)

It was pretty fun to play around with.
I rarely straighten my hair this much, but I really loved the way it turned out.
Have a look at Misikko's Flat Iron Selection if you're in the market for one.
I'm so stoked to own one of my own now!

Timothy & I have the weekend off together - hip hip HOORAY!
Today we went out for coffee, then went mini golfing afterwards.
Splendid <3

With love,


  1. I love the hairstyle, it's so gorgeous! I wish my hair was long enough to try it :'( x

  2. You really have gorgeous hair ...both curly and straight look beautiful! I love the soft, sweet pastel colors of your outfit. Very whimsical and so pretty to see this time of the year:)

  3. oooh girl, you look so fancy! Lovin' the hair do.
    Also, where is that sweater from? If you don't mind me asking :) It is so cute.

  4. wow you look gorgeous in straight and curly hair!

  5. I'm loving your curls. So pretty! I never knew you naturally had curls :) x

  6. You look really good with curls :D

  7. i love the end style! the girl never gets older is such a cutie!!
    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  8. Your curly/wavy hair is so beautiful!! I am jealous :)

  9. You are gorgeous!! I love your outfit! And I can't wait to try out that hair tutorial! :)

  10. To much amazingness in one post! Girl you are absolutely gorgeous and look so good with both curly and straight hair. Love your style!

  11. Your hair looks gorgeous in every shot here! I also LOVE your outfit; it's great!

    Glad you had a fun weekend! xxx

  12. Great hair styles. I love the beehive with scarf it really suits you :)

  13. You hair so, so pretty. I love ALL of those pictures although my fave is your crazy curls! What great HAIR!!

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    XoXo Nicole Mariana


  15. aww your hair is amazing! and the outfit too! :)

  16. You still look pretty with those different hairstyles. Have a great trip with your husband. =)

  17. LOVE the hair and your outfit - so vintage-inspired and lovely :)

  18. i love your hair in the first few photos.

  19. Oh my goodness, your curly hair is so perfect. Stop straightening it immediately!


  20. Why are you even straightening your hair?! Your curly hair is beautiful!