A Day In The Life

Life as an intern sure is fun. I've gotten into a pretty good routine here in Philly. I wake up in the morning, make myself some coffee, listen to music and have breakfast. Then I make the drive down to the Navy Yard where I usually get myself yet another coffee before I start work. Then I go into the studio, help set up equipment and do lighting tests, then go for a coffee/breakfast run. Then it's back to shooting and steaming pretty clothes and some more coffee runs thrown in there, of course ;) At night we usually go out to dinner or dessert. We've also been going to movies in the park on Thursdays. The city is so full of things to do. I can't believe we only have until August to experience it!! I know it won't be easy for us to leave this beautiful city.


  1. Hi!

    I am new to your blog and I just have to say I am truly enjoying it so far. These photos are beautiful!

    The photo of the two colorful chairs is particularly lovely!

    I look forward to reading more.

  2. It sounds so lovely, and these are such beautiful pictures that seem to breathe your words. Love it.

  3. Working with Free People must be hard on your wallet. I know I'd have a hard time resisting all their beautiful pieces! Sounds like you have a lovely jobs there though, and all those coffee runs cannot be bad either ;-) Enjoy your lasts weeks there!! xo

  4. Cute photos! I love these colourful armchairs! <3

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  5. From what you've written, it sounds you have a pretty good time in your internship and I'm so happy to hear!