Little Light

My little 15 month old angel. I keep looking at him and thinking, "Man, he looks so much older today." I feel like he's been having so many growth spurts and is changing so quickly before our eyes. And his personality is coming out strong lately. He is such a funny kid! I feel like he's gonna be that kid who does anything to make people laugh. Tonight in the bath, he grabbed a bar of soap and put it in his mouth. I laughed and tried to take it away from him. He went on to put it back in his mouth and started cracking up. Which made me crack up. Which made him want to eat the soap even more. Whoops. I guess we can scratch off the whole "wash your mouth out with soap" punishment because...he doesn't seem to mind it!

I definitely fall in love with him a million times over every single day. How is that even possible?! I love my little goofball so much. Light of my life, that one.