Last Days of Summer

We're holding onto the last days of summer...taking walks around our neighborhood, munching on fresh watermelon and enjoying the summer sun on our skin. As much as I'm looking forward to autumn, I will miss these long days filled with sunshine. I cherish our evening walks after I get home from work. But autumn will bring new traditions like apple picking, pumpkin carving, and letting Max taste his first hot chocolate. 
I love seeing him discover new things. The way he spots planes before any of us even notice. How he will always stop and smell flowers. The way he runs to the window whenever he hears a fire truck.  How he tries to repeat words we say to him. The way he's quick to say "Hi" and "Bye" to strangers and give them a big, cheesy smile. How he looks back and makes sure I'm holding his hand when he's unsure of what's ahead of him. All of these moments are ones that I will forever hold so dear to my heart. And while I see how big he's getting everyday, there are those moments when I realize he's still a baby; unsure of the world around him and happy to have me by his side. I think I will always see him as my little 7lb 8oz baby boy. But I know one day he'll tower over me and not constantly need me to help him along. So for now I'll cherish the times when he runs after me when I walk out of a room or yells "ma ma ma ma ma ma!" until I appear. Because having someone love and trust you so fully and unconditionally is an incredibly special gift.

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