A Perfect Sunday Afternoon

We took a walk around a little area called Manayunk this morning. It's a short drive from our place and such a cute part of Philly! There are lots of shops, cafes, and pretty brick walls to take photos in front of ;) After we snapped a few photos, we grabbed coffee and headed to church. Max is usually really good about playing in kids church with some of his buddies. He definitely cries when we drop him off, but is always running around having a blast when we come to pick him up. He's equal parts shy and outgoing. I kind of love the way he clings to us when we're around new people anyway! He's such a little joy - always making us smile and see the beauty in everyday. Oh, and he won't let go of this little school bus I bought him when I was in Indiana. I made a big deal of giving it to him when I got home, and he's been obsessed ever since. It's soooo cute...he even brings it to bed with him

Now can this weekend just last forever, please?!