We had a beautiful celebration for our boy who is TWO!! Time has flown by and it has been a joy watching him grow and learn and develop the past two years. His personality is coming out more and more each day...he is strong-willed, funny, silly and sweet. Tonight we were playing a game where I would say, "ummmmm, I love you!" and he would respond, "Yes I do" and it was the cutest thing ever ever ever. His is such a sweetheart, always wanting to make us laugh and smile. 

My parents and sister were able to come to his party, which was a blast. Watching him with my family is so special. When my parents play the same little games with him as they did with me and my siblings...just melts my heart! 

Anyway - here are a million photos from the party and all the details I had so much fun making:

Happy Birthday, my sweetheart/angel boy/tiny giant/honey bee/pine nut/beebee/sillyhead. You are the light of our lives. Can't wait to see what these "terrible twos" will bring us ;) 

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