coffee date.

my sister and i were both up at 6AM, for no reason.
so we went out for coffee.

i love days like that.
waking up early, getting things done. drinking coffee and enjoying life.
i just wish the weather outside wasn't so gloomy.

just to think, last year i was in new zealand.
february is summer in new zealand, so i was going to the beach every single day.

but no worries! winter will be over soon enough.
then it'll be beautiful spring.
my soon-to-be-husband and i are looking for an apartment.
our wedding is 3 months away, and we want to have a place to call our own after we come back from our honeymoon.

i just want to decorate our own little place.
i'd love hardwood floors, crafty things, and lots of love.
something like this:

images via We Heart It.

images via Design Sponge.

okay. i'm back from dreamland, i think.
i suppose i should do wedding projects before i even think about interior design, right?!

90 days my friends. 90 days.

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