what it's all about.

i'm getting married in exactly 3 weeks.
i'm 21 years old.
a lot of people say, "you're way too young to get married!"
but i know God's timing is perfect. and i know this is my time to commit my life to timothy.

i was browsing around blogs today when i found the sweet couple on Jose Villa's Blog.
they are mary and leo, and they've been married for 60 years.

the true, genuine love displayed between them is incredible.
it's what i hope & dream is in our future.

wow, right?
so incredible!

it's 21 days. exactly 3 weeks!
people are flying over from new zealand soon.
the first one arrives NEXT sunday!

ps. i created a new playlist. it's some songs we're playing at the wedding.


  1. those are beautiful photos of a beautiful couple.

    i was married at 21 also and people were CONSTANTLY giving me grief over how young I was...it was incredibly annoying. i had to take it with a grain of salt because i knew without a doubt i was doing what i knew was the right thing...and here we are, 7 years later...and God willing we will be that sweet, old couple one day :) I don't for one minute regret being married so young.

    good luck with the wedding festivities!

  2. that couple is so precious!

  3. I got married at 21. Best decision I ever made. Now I'm 24, we have a daughter, and I love it! Never ever let divorce enter your vocabulary, even jokingly, be prepared to WORK during those times that marriage isn't fun (because they will happen), and thank God every day for the blessing, and you can be that happy when you're old too.