oh, starbucks.

i opened this morning..
which means i had to get up at 4:30 this morning to be to work by 5.
i swear i couldn't make it through these early mornings without my amazing workmates.

they are fabulous & fantastic (and i don't use those words lightly!)

and a random picture of me & my honey.
we came through the drive-thru on my lunch break :)

26 SHORT DAYS until the wedding!!

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  1. so i just happened to look at your blog for the first time tonight ,and came across this blog in particular, must admit it holds a place in my heart! I miss these days! :( there are many days that I'm driving to work & i think to myself "oh how lovely it'd be to walk into my store and be greeted by christen peters, jasmine caraballo & alayna powell again!"