what a wonderful life.

man, oh man.
the past few weeks have been pure bliss.

the wedding has come and gone.
so has the honeymoon.

and let me tell you...
everything was PERFECT.

if there was a word that was better than "perfect", i'd use that word.

some photos from the wedding day:
(these are friends' snapshots. Parker's photos are still in the works.)

and we got our wedding video back!!
what an amazing job Alea did.
(turn up your speakers & watch it on full screen!)

Peters Wedding // Tim + Christen from AleaLovely on Vimeo.

i loved that day.
it was more than i could have ever planned or dreamed or imagined.
i got to commit my life to the man of my dreams,
with all of my friends and family by my side.
what a dream it was!

like i said, Parker's photos will be finished in a short while.
i'll share them, of course!

our next step: making our apartment a home.


  1. what?? Parker Young? that's my sister's brother-in-law! small world :) he is an amazing photographer....did both of my sisters weddings and did an INCREDIBLE job.

    you look beautiful in these, by the way :)