unpacking, decorating, and hanging out at cornerstone.

so we've officially been in our apartment for two weeks now.
we had one week to get unpacked & set up, then it was off to cornerstone music festival!

some shots of our home:

the kitchen:

our living room:

our bedroom:

we got both of these mirrors for free!

cornerstone music festival:

my mom & hubby:

our quaint little campsite:

my, my twin, and my husband:

it was a lovely time.
this was my 7th year, and it might have been one of the best years yet!
i love seeing old friends, making new ones, discovering new music & seeing what God has been doing!

life is wonderful.
God is so great.
my best friend from Wisconsin just moved into town....
the adventurous possibilities are endless!

i love life right now.


  1. your apartment and decorations are so so cute! miss you guys! we were sad we couldn't make it to cornerstone :( next year though! :D

  2. i love your home.
    and your twin.
    and new zealand.

    you guys have a great story, i've told it once or twice this week.

  3. Very cute!! You two AND your new place!