just a quick update.

i had the past two days off & spent them with my husband.
we had breakfast & coffee together, played with our pup Casey,
sang & danced in our apartment, made dinners together, spent time with friends.

needless to say, i adore days off.

but today is back to the weekly grind of editing pictures,
and tomorrow will be my first day back at Starbucks in FIVE days!
it felt like a vacation :)

okay, the reason for this post is this:
i found another photo from our wedding day!
tim & i are anxiously awaiting Parker's photos.
but i stumbled upon this one on his blog!

this was just before the ceremony.
that mirror belonged to my grandmother.

i'm in love with all his wedding photos so far.
can't wait to see the rest <3

hope you're all having a lovely, lovely day!

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