enjoying the simple, everyday things.

life can get super crazy sometimes.
like, non-stop, 10 million things on my list kind of days.

don't get me wrong...i hate boring days!
i hate just sitting around, doing nothing.
but sometimes life becomes a whirlwind that i seem to get caught up in.

life is great though.
i'm enjoying these busy days of making coffee &
editing pictures & helping with photoshoots.

but i just want to slow down and remind myself of ONE simple, everyday thing i should always, always appreciate.

and what is that thing?
*drumroll please*
my lovely gem-of-a-husband!

(this was actually taken the day after we got married!)

(on our honeymoon, in california)

he is my best friend.
he loves me, even on bad days.
he makes amazing dinners, complete with dessert!
he makes me feel like i'm home.

sorry for the cheesiness, but sometimes it does my heart good to be cheesy.
i think it does everyone's heart good to be cheesy & nostalgic.

i hope everyone is having a lovely day.
the weather is kinda gorgeous here in indiana.

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  1. Oh, you two are just the cutest!
    I was wondering if you could let me in on what program you use to change the look of your photos and what you do to them in the program...I really enjoy all your photos. Thank you