sunday tunes.

i think i'm going to start sharing music on here once a week.
and i think sundays are a good day to do it.
sundays are the days i get to kick back & relax!

so, i think i need to start off solid with my music choice.
today i'm starting of with

The Avett Brothers

"The songs are honest: just chords with real voices singing real melodies. But, the heart and the energy with which they are sung, is really why people are talking, and why so many sing along. They are a reality in a world of entertainment built with smoke and mirrors, and when they play, the common man can break the mirrors and blow the smoke away, so that all that's left behind is the unwavering beauty of the songs. That's the commotion, that's the celebration..."

something about their music just makes me happy.
today is the perfect day to cruise around with the windows down, blasting their music.


  1. great song!! thanks for sharing! I'm so glad that you and Tim are enjoying each other and settling into married life. Uncle Jim and I celebrate 29 years next Sunday! Love you lots! - Aunt Pat

  2. aw yay! happy anniversary. you two are a beautiful couple :)