slowly saying goodbye to summer.

it has been cooling down the past couple days.
as much as i complain about hot, humid days, i know i'll miss glorious days of going to the beach and driving around in bella with the top down.

(on our way to a party last week.)

i love the way the air feels as the seasons are changing though.
right now there's heat in the air, but the slight cool breeze is teasing us with the wonders of the new season.
it's beautiful.

but let's be honest.
everybody loves a perfect fall day...

images via we heart it.

today will consist of work, hangout time with timothy,
then a going away party tonight.
some dear friends of ours are moving to nashville next week.
shaping up to be a lovely day.


  1. You two are like that cool and refreshing autumn breeze :) I love the pictures and watching your love grow!! So sweet <3 !!

  2. I have dear friends in Nashville too! Maybe your dear friends will end up being friends with my dear friends.

  3. You two are the cutest and your pictures make me smile. :-)

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