Sunday Tunes - Emilana Torrini

Emiliana Torrini is a lovely gal that I discovered a few years back.
i always loved her voice, but never really looked into her music a whole lot.

but last year, when i was in New Zealand, i bought her CD.
let me tell you...if you want to fall in love with a record, listen to it while driving around a magical country.

that's how i fell in love with Emiliana.

this is a fun, quirky song that you should probably try to sing along to:

her tunes make my heart happy and bring me back to a wonderful time in my life..


  1. great song! i was just listening to emiliana torrini the other day, after a long while. she's so great! i don't know how i forgot about her.

  2. Thanks for sharing!! She's great!