hello, fall. you are lovely.

september, i love you!
it feels like fall outside.
i grabbed my new gray sweater RIGHT when i got home from work this afternoon.
it's been the first time since we moved in that it's comfortable to wear a sweater inside.
it's wonderful.

i shot a roll of film over the past few days.
i love the way the photos turned out.
i'm pretty sure this film camera is my favorite.

some self portraits:

and my lovely pup Casey:

yes. we are home.
(it doesn't get better than home, now does it?)

hope everybody is having a lovely day.
and i hope it feels like fall where you are too.


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  2. cant wait for fall either!! Its over 106 today, but supposed to cool into the 80's in a few days. Gotta Love the san fernando valley in september!! Love, aunt pat

  3. Awesome photos.

    love how the living room is decorated! you've got great taste!