makin' a house. makin' a home.

it's been about 3 months since we moved into our little apartment.
i love it here.
i love the moment i step inside and feel at home.
i love knowing all the little quirks...

like how to shut the door to the bathroom to where it actually closes (haha. true story!),
and where to turn the knob on the shower for the perfect temperature,
and where to throw Casey's ball into the kitchen so that it bounces back at me in the living room,
and how loud the TV needs to be for the perfect movie-watching volume.

all these little things make it feel like home.
and the fact that the love of my life is here with me.

speaking of my husband...he make us a pot rack!

i found an old fence on the side of the road.
i loaded a couple slats into my car, knowing we'd use them for something.
my husband saw the wood an immediately came up with this idea:

i love it so much!
it's perfect for our quaint little kitchen.

here's a snapshot of tim & casey from a few weeks ago.
the two leading men in my life:

side note: today was perfet.
9-5 at work.
coffee with my husband, sister, and brother-in-law,
making dinner now,
waiting for my lovely friends to come over for a movie night.
and i'm pretty sure ice cream is on the menu later on.

see what i mean? perfect.

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  1. you two make me smile! so creative! love you - aunt pat