Music Spotlight - Mumford & Sons

today's music spotlight: Mumford & Sons.

now, there's been a lot of hype around this band amongst my friends.
i've only heard a bit of them,
but i'm loving them so far.

this song makes me pretty happy.
i mean, come on...mandolin, accordion, banjo, tambourine powered by a bass drum pedal!
creative & quirky. and they're actually great musicians.

this is my favorite little video:

yep. it's kind of really great.

also, i've been stiching little owls like crazy!
i'll update soon with photos of the boys & girls i've been creating.
they are looking really adorable.


  1. thanks again your music suggestions are amazing. im loving them already. i plan on jamming to them on my trip to daytona beach!

  2. sorry to bother you, buw how do i add a playlist to my blog post? i figured out how to add it to my blog, but not just the post itself. sorry...im new at this.