tomorrow : renegade craft fair.

yes! it's finally here again.
this will be my fourth year attending the renegade craft fair - chicago.
it's such a wonderful time!

i think i'm going to finally splurge on something this year.
hopefully it's a nice day for it, since it's outside in the middle of a street!
it should be a beautiful fall day tomorrow. since today was kinda beautiful.

yay! i can't wait for tomorrow. full of craftiness & best friends.

side note:
i'm waiting for my hair to be this length again..

(this was about 3 years ago. before i chopped it off!)
i might even sew feathers & beads & thread in again.

yes, yes. craftiness, best friends, good life, lovely husband, and long hair!
life is good, my friends.


  1. that was so much fun! i can't wait for your hair to get that long again :)

  2. im also trying to grow my hair that long.... its such a waiting game. i wish you could make it happen as quickly as deciding to cut it.