Music Spotlight - Horse Feathers

i didn't get a chance to post an artist on Sunday, so i will share one with you today!

my good friend Krista told me about them.
she kept hearing their song "thistled spring" on the radio and LOVED it.
she thought it was andrew bird, so she searched & searched for the song.
then FINALLY the radio host mentioned the band's name.
thus, our discovery of this wonderful band!

here is a little playlist for you...
(ps. i think this is a lovely record for perfectly chilly fall days.)

Create a playlist at MixPod.com

hope you enjoy :)
i'm off to enjoy some lunch, then get back to work.


  1. i reeeeeally like this band - thank you for sharing! :)

    p.s. i really like your blog too. my husb and i got married 2 weeks after you guys.

  2. actually, 1 week after you. i have no idea why i said 2. i think i'm tired, haha.

  3. aw yay! may weddings are officially the best ;) you two are an adorable newly married couple!

    and i'm glad you liked horse feathers! they're fabulous, right?!

  4. thank you for posting such great music options...ive been trying to find new music to branch out my collection and these are perfect.

  5. great band recommendation!

    you share such great music here, really