to sell or not to sell?

i finished my first plushie couple this morning!
their names are henry & elsie.

they met years ago. it was love at first sight.
they've been together ever since.

i love them.

i sewed them up in order to sell them.
but i am quickly second-guessing myself.
i know i'm going to make plenty more to sell on etsy.
i think i would miss them if i sold my first ones!

we'll see.
you might be able to snag them up on my etsy (as soon as i make one!)

rest assured, i'll be crafting up plenty of these lovely little babies.
my twin and i are doing a craft show in chicago on november 20th!
she'll be selling her adorable onesies, and i'll be selling my plushies.

what a wonderful life of a crafter ;)


  1. so sweet! you can't let your first little ones go. They are your inspiration!! There will be lots of time for others...i'm just a silly sentimental! Love you, Aunt pat

  2. those are precious!! i think that you should keep your first pair, not only because they are so cute but because they have sentimental value! you'll have plenty more to sell!

  3. aw i would keep them! just my opinion