buzzing from boston.

just got back from boston early this morning.
we saw The Avett Brothers last night.
what an INCREDIBLE show.
it's the 6th time i've seen them, but this time was the best.

the energy, the passion, the love in the air.
it was unbelievable.

the show was incredible, but the reason i'm "buzzing" is because we ran into them on the street the morning of the show!!
we were just walking around, checking out the neighborhood....and there they were.

it sounds strange that i would be excited to see just two normal people walking down the street.
but these boys' songs have sung me through the good times & the bad times in my life for the past 6 years or so.
and meeting them and chatting and finding out how sweet and genuine they are makes me love them even more.

of course we got a photo ;)

so incredible. we told them we were from chicago & traveled there to see them for our birthday.
they said, "well, we know who we're playing for tonight"
my sister and i like to believe the show was our birthday present from them...
sounds cheesy, but it made the show THAT much better :D

and the rest of our time in boston was wonderful as well!
we were only there for 1 full day, but we did a whole lot.

(sorry for the image quality. i left my nice camera's battery at home!)

what a trip!
i highly suggest seeing boston.
and i even more highly suggest seeing the avett brothers live.


  1. I loved boston, too! Its so full of history, beauty and a combination of small town and big city feel. it was freezing when I was there, but enjoyed it from morning til way late in the evening! so glad you had a special b-day present! Love you - aunt pat

  2. i always love your little music spotlight posts :)

  3. you and your sister are the loveliest twins i've ever seen! happy birthday to you two. and you're dress is so pretty.