Music Spotlight - Maria Taylor

happy sunday everybody!
i adore sundays.
my husband and i get to spend the entire day together!

today's music spotlight is actually happening on sunday :)

and today i'm featuring one of my long-loved favorites: Maria Taylor.

her voice is just incredible. period.
i always said that if i could sing like anyone, it would be her.
her tone is beautiful and pure.

a few of my favorites by her:

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there you have it!
a lovely playlist for your sunday afternoon, if i do say so myself.
have a wonderful sunday. i hope yours will be as wonderful as mine <3


  1. oh my gosh!! i just stumbled upon your blog, i don't even know how, but i love it. i saw your header first and i knew i would like it, haha.

    but boston is my favorite favorite city in the world! my entire family is from there.

    is there a way to follow your blog? i didn't see it listed!