A Competition - And I Need Your Help!

hello all!
i have recently entered a contest with Free People.
i created my perfect little fall outfit.
i am currently NUMBER TWO in popularity!
how exciting is that?!

the prize is a $200 gift card.
$200 to spend at my absolute favorite store.
AND...my birthday is just TWO days before the contest ends.
what a lovely birthday pressie that would make.

so, all i'm asking you to do is vote here.

some items i included:

since i have never won ANY contest in my life...this would be incredible!
i'm only about 20 votes away from being number ONE
i would greatly appreciate it.

look & vote here.


  1. i never won a contest in my life until yesterday! so i want you to win, too. i'm going to vote, and i'm going to spread the word to my friend to vote for you :)

    good luck! and i really hope you win!!

  2. just voted.
    if you win, can we go on a coffee date?

  3. Voted. I hope you win! That would be exciting. :)

  4. i voted!! hope you win sista <3


  5. thanks everyone! i really appreciate it guys :)

    and yes abbie, we'll definitely go on a coffee date! cornerstone next year?