paper lanterns & fairy lights!

the other night, i surprised tim with paper lanterns & fairy lights.
he was at work, and i had gotten home pretty early.
so i cooked dinner & decorated our living room and kitchen.
it looked so beauuuutiful!

it was so much fun!
that was about 3 days ago...at the lanterns & lights are still hanging!
they're just too adorable to take down ;)

i'm still doing really well with my Free People Fall Collection Contest.
I'm number three right now.
buuuut, i'm pretty sure the top voted collection MIGHT be cheating.
don't want to judge....but there have been issues with fake voting!
so, i'm trying to win this thing fair & square!.

if you haven't voted yet, please do so here.
just click 'i want it'.
(and thanks so much to everyone who's voted already! i greatly appreciate it!)

well, tonight is the perfect fall night.
so go find your love and drink hot chocolate and get all snuggled up!

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  1. your living room looks so cozy! i love the lights.