good, old-fashion birthday fun!

my 22nd birthday was the day before halloween..and my husband treated me to some incredible surprises!

first on the list? horseback riding!

like most young ladies, i have a crazy obsession with horses.
they are so beautiful!!
some of our friends own a couple, so tim took me to their farm and we rode the morning away!

then we explored a little shack on the side of the road.
it's been ages since i've had a fun photoshoot.
and this little shack was perrrrfect!!

and he, of course, baked me a cake from scratch!
carrot cake. one of my favorites ;)

it was also my twin's birthday (duh!).

it's kind of really fun sharing your birthday with your best friend.

the end!
needless to say, it was a perfect day.
it was my first birthday being married and my husband did an incredible job of making me feel super special.

yay for birthdays!

other than that, my days have been filled with working, sewing & spending time with friends.
which reminds me!
my CRAFT SHOW is coming up in 18 days!
eeeekkk!! i'm a bit nervous, but excited to showcase my owlies for the first time ever.

wish me luck!
and come see me if you're in Chicago on November 20th!


  1. dang! wish i was in chicago! happy birthday. it looks like you had a truly epic time! love love the pictures.

  2. You and your husband make such a cute couple!