Music Spotlight - The Honey Trees

today's music spotlight is The Honey Trees.
they are a wonderful band from california.

such an adorable couple making lovely music!
just look at the photos & watch the video.

you'll fall in love too

an incredibly beautiful video...

what a fun music spotlight this week, right?!
i kinda love them and wanted to share with all of you :)

ALSO... i, unfortunately, did NOT win the Free People gift card :/
but i appreciate all the support & votes from everyone!
better luck next time i suppose.
i'll win something amazing someday!

OH! some exciting news!
i've been sewing little owl christmas ornaments!!
oh my goodness, they are so cute!
our internet has been sketchy lately, so i'll be posting photos once we get things sorted out.
buuuuut....they're kind of incredible and they would make a beautiful addition to any christmas tree.

happy monday everyone!


  1. i think we should be friends because we have the same taste in music.

  2. aren't they great! i adore their music and style. happiness to find your lovely blog ♥

  3. Wooow, This video is amazing! The styling, the colours, the photos, oh, I've fallen in love :)It's perfect!

  4. Hahahahaha, these guys are wonderful! Both their music and them. I actually am from their hometown, and have known both of them for awhile! You should try to see them live for sure!