sew-sew-sewing away!

my newest endeavor for the holiday season?

owl ornaments!

i've made 3 different couples so far,
and i'm loooooving the way they're turning out!

it's so fun to sew little mini owls...they're just so adorable.
here are a few photos of the newest members of the Two Happy Hearts collection!

goodness, i love them!
i'm (obviously) going to keep some for my christmas tree...
since it'll be my first ever christmas as a wife!
gotta keep the craftiness spirit going all-year-round.

hope everyone is having a happy november!
somehow it's still in the high 50s here in indiana...
and it kind of feels like a miracle.

christen jean


  1. Awww! They are just so cute!
    Are you planning on making all of your Christmas tree decorations?

  2. thanks! i plan on making lots, yes! it's kind of really fun to be a wife during the holiday season :)