(almost) a million reasons why i love anthropologie.

i just had the urge to post some images of Anthropologie.
i've only been to two stores, once in Chicago and once in Boston.
but both times i loved EVERY second of being in the store.
every detail is thought out. the decorations are creative and gorgeous.

window displays:

indoor displays:

can i just live in a place like this, please?!
so amazing.

on a real-life note...
tonight will consist of crafting...surprise, surprise ;)
but the show is a mere TWO days away!
although i do love nights of hot chocolate, crafts, and husband time <3 xoxo, christen


  1. anthropologie is one of my absolute favorite stores. they just opened one here in tulsa and it's awesome! i love it! the one in kansas city is pretty awesome too!

  2. they also hire workers that are artists specifically to design window/in store displays. i live in annapolis, md and my friend designs them. we usually get to help set them up! this was last winter window disply background : http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y167/ljlover/6918_163183974877_507389877_3663162_325957_n.jpg

  3. how awesome! that would be such a fun job :D

    and mandy, i'm super jealous that you have one so close to you! valparaiso doesn't have much to offer as far as shopping goes