DIY Trunk Show Recap

it was my first time doing this particular show, and what a wonderful experience it was!
it was a lovely day in Chicago, which made for a decent amount of shoppers.
my husband was kind enough to spend the day at the show with me as well.

some shots of my set-up:
(i love the way it turned out!)
my sister and i shared a booth..

it went SO well!
i sold a ton of owls :)
it was amazing to see people's reactions.
i loved how little girls lit up when they looked at them...
and how older ladies ACTED like little girls when they saw them.
needless to say, i enjoyed every second of it.

i also made a new friend!
she, also, makes plushies!
she was 3 booths down from me & we totally hit if off...
check out her stuff...

Mary Wells Design.

and i have just a couple more owls and ornaments left over!
they make wonderful gifts for the holidays...
and there is ONE more set of ornaments for your darling christmas tree...

Two Happy Hearts!

the end!
have a lovely night <3 xo, christen


  1. this looks like it was so much fun!! i love your owls. i just told JJ we neeeed to get a pair. they remind me of us! haha. congrats on your success!

  2. what a spread! looks great and those owls you make a super sweet, no wonder girls eye's lit up, i know mine just did. ♥