Crafter Spotlight - Hunter Gatherer

after walking around the craft show on saturday, i realized what an amazing crafting community is out there.
i decided to start doing 'crafter spotlights', along with music spotlights!
i think it'll be fun AND a good excuse to do my research on the wonderful world of crafters.

so, first on my list is my dear friend Gem.
i met Gem while in New Zealand.
we were traveling with our husband's bands...
so, naturally, a friendship bloomed!

she and her husband nate are currently residing in New Zealand.
first off, take a peak at how adorable these two are:

here are some of the lovelies they create & sell:

have a look at all their wonderful creations!
also, check out their blog:

{hunter gatherer}

1 comment:

  1. truly adorable! and her tattoo - wow, wish i could see the arm band better, it looks amazing.

    thanks for this introduction and also for the idea of your new feature. totally interested to see your findings. ♥