why, hello december.

i can hardly believe it's december 1st!
november just flew by.
but i love everything about december...including the snow.
which, by the way, today is the first day it's snowed since mid-november!
how perfect to celebrate the first day of december, right?!
i loved waking up and seeing snow out my window.

(image via we heart it.)
so magical.

so, i have a few little things to share..

i have some more owlies in my shop!
i think they are such darling little cuties..

stop by the shop.
i've got a couple owlies posted there right now.
hopefully i'll be able to post some more this week..

i love making them so much.
i still need to make a couple for OUR christmas tree!
i just wish i had time between working so much!
someday i'll have more spare time to crafting the day away :)

have a happy day!
enjoy the first day of this lovely, cheerful month.

(image via we heart it.)


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