what i wore - houston, texas version.

sweaterdress - gift
tights- vera wang
sweater - free people
boots - borrowed
scarf - thrifted
necklace - forever21

my sister & i found this great little stairwell at our hotel.
the lighting was perfect!

it turned out to be a wonderful little shoot.

here are a couple shots of my sister, kylie.

she made this shirt herself.

hope you enjoyed <3 xo, christen


  1. so when are you and Kylie going to do something with your fashion interest and sense - designing, fashion photography...? you both are extremely talented!! and loved, aunt pat

  2. thank you! i love your little owl pins, so cute! and the new outfit posting too

  3. wow you girl's really look a lot alike and both of you are seriously stunning! great score to find cool random stairwell, the lighting was perfect for photo fun times. awesome outfit(s) ♥