what i wore - monday edition.

today has been quite busy.
i had a bit of downtime after work though,
so i threw this little number on.

it's a little 60s-inspired dress i got from H&M years ago.
and i also bought the super cute polka dot tights from target a few days ago.
i'm pretty stoked about them.
they're my favorite things at the moment.

i don't wear this dress very often.
it's one of those articles of clothing that i sometimes forget about.
but i found it in my closet today, and felt the urge to wear it.
and it turns out...i love it!

today i had a crazy urge to drive to the sea, find a tree, and read a book.

image via we heart it
i used to do that almost everyday when i was in new zealand.

tim & i want to go back there sometime this year. hopefully for christmas.
we'll see though!

but a girl can dream, right?



  1. i'd join you on that wonderful dream lades!!!! TOTAL

    cute outfit and love the polka dot tights!!! the heart bunting has captured my eye, adore it in the window. ♥

  2. u are adorable. Let's go vintage shopping in Chicago sometime!

  3. i had a dream the other night we were swimming in new zealand. it was SO beautiful.

  4. How do you get your different links to like : about, craft, what I wore???

  5. You are so gorgeous! Love your style.


  6. You have such awesome style!
    Style that i could never pull off! I love it!

    My life right now

  7. anonymous - it's just a simple html code i found. i can give it to you if you like!

    hayley - YES. let's definitely go shopping sometime :)