Crafter Spotlight - Irena Sophia

today's crafter spotlight is inspired by a gift that my twin gave me last night.

it was an adorable postcard-size print of this piece..

we had both seen this print years ago, and fell in love with it.
we never bought it or wrote down the information,
so it seemed like a lost cause to try & find it again.

but, somehow, kylie was able to track it down!!

irena sophia hails from Croatia.
her style is so unique and quirky.
i just love it!

some other examples of her work..

this is one of my favorites. it's called foxy girl.

i love this one too. duh.

take a peek at her etsy for more wonderful artwork!

i'm feeling a bit sick today.
today consisted of working from about 9-12 this morning, coming home for lunch...
but actually feeling terrible and passing out 'til about 5.

image via we heart it.

i think this would be the perfect remedy.
a little fort built around me & lots of tea to feel better.
and probably a bit of chocolate as well ;)

but in actuality, tonight will probably consist of soup & a movie with my husband.
which also sounds good to me!



  1. I just stumbled across your blog and I love it! I can't wait to read more. I got excited that your husband is from New Zealand - I am from New Zealand too! Although I am currently living in England. I love your owls, they are gorgeous =)

  2. I think of myself as being from Nelson, but used to live north of Auckland in Whangarei and I have family who are living in Whangaparoa at the moment! I went there for the first time last January, and loved it, its such a nice area of NZ.

  3. i would love a fort like that. it's so cute!

    i have not seen hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy but it is on my netflix queue! :D