what i wore - polka dots & (nearly) knee high socks.

yay for lovely sunday mornings!
my honey & i got to have a bit of a sleep-in. AND we got to have breakfast together.
both of which are rare in our home.

the other day, i found this adorable polka dot shirt/dress.
technically it's a shirt. i found it in the plus size section.
that's one of my things to do! turning plus size shirts into tunics & dresses.

shirt - thrifted
hat - urban outfitters
black tunic - american apparel
sweater - marshalls
tights - target
socks - deliahs

here's the polka-dot masterpiece in all her glory:

and yes. nearly knee-high socks.
i haven't quite worked up the courage to pull them all the way up yet!

have a beautiful sunday!



  1. Your photos have a lovely sepia tinge to them , they're beautiful! I love your outfit too x

  2. I love those decorations. Are they are permanent fixture? Or for a special occasion?

  3. they're a permanent fixture! they're lights & paper lanterns from our wedding :D they're just so magical...we didn't want to sell them!