what SHE wore - red coat wonder.

my lovely sister and i went out on a coffee date this afternoon.
she's been in new jersey for the past few days,
so we were overdue for a twin date.

i just had to snap some photos of her. she looked too cute!!

she just bought this amazing red coat.
it looks so gorgeous on her.

red coat - urban outfitters
striped shirt - we the free
boots - aldo
belt - thrifted
jeans - levi

alsooooo.....i started creating little owls with fun feathers!
i'm stoked to have a new design.
i love the way they turned out.
i also found some gorgeous lace & pearl ribbon for the lady.

i like to think she's wearing a fancy little necklace.
and he's looking quite sharp with his tophat ;)

tonight will consist of a basketball game, some chicken stir-fry, and possibly a movie.
northwest indiana is supposed to get nailed with snow over the next few days.
so, i might have some cozy days inside this week!
i'm not complaining about that ;)



  1. that coat is gorgeous.
    i <3 the ruffle detail.
    your owls are the cutest things..
    have a wonderful week.

  2. love love love the ruffled red coat! it's such a keeper and special piece. how did i not ever spot that at uo. well if she "just" got it maybz i still have a chance.

    the twin thing is kinda freakin' me out, i mean wowness. you are both gorgeous. i think that must be the coolest thing ever, to have a twinster.

    cutest feather owlies too. keep cozy lades and have a great week. ♥