what i wore - snowed in!

the crazy midwest blizzard hasn't quite hit yet,
but schools, airports, and businesses are already closing down.
i don't blame them.
if we have to deal with this awful weather,
we might as well relax!

what i'm currently wearing on this snowy, snowy day...

headband - the icing (haha, i know..)
sweater - urban outfitters
necklace - handmade by the lost dog
lace shirt - handmade by my sister
black & white striped tunic - thrifted
jeans - can't remember
shoes - aldo

as i've been typing, the snow has started to fall verrrry steadily.
i'm currently visiting my mom, about 20 minutes from home.
judging from the massive amounts of snow we're supposed to get,
i should probably head back to my apartment...
wouldn't want my husband to be snowed in all alone!

i kinda wish my world looked like this today...

photo credit.

i can't wait for spring!
i miss wearing dresses with bare legs, and cute flats & sandals.
i miss swimming in the ocean everyday after work.
tim & i are trying to make it to new zealand for christmas this year.
we haven't spent a holiday with his family in 2 years!

well, back to reality.
i've gotta drive home & fight off these massive snowflakes ;)



  1. you look beautiful friend :) and oh boy this midwest weather is horrible. we have been getting the snow and ice for the last 24 hours...yikes!

    have a beautiful day xo

  2. The top is so cute.. you sister must be really good! x

  3. can i steal your sister to make me nice things? haha. you look lovely.

    i'm supposed to get snow, too, but i haven't seen much yet. i don't know what i think of that.

  4. lovely pictures:) and girl you're pretty

  5. i envy your sense of style
    beautiful photos!

  6. beautiful beautiful photographs!
    i'm wishing for spring right now also!