valentine's day loveliness!

as our first valentine's day as mr. & mrs. approaches,
i'm looking for special little things to do!

tim & i are all about making holidays special.
so we've both getting pretty excited about valentine's day.

1. things to bake
you can't really go wrong with cookies & cupcakes, right?

2. things to create with paper

(i'm not exactly sure what these are, but they're cute!)

by rifle paper co.

images via we heart it.

3. if nothing else, we'll build a fort in the living room!
because that's a childhood tradition that NEVER gets old.

first image via design sponge.
last 3 images via we heart it.

we'll have a lovely day, no matter what we do.
i just have to make sure it's as choc-full of sweets & fun things as possible!

i'm also open to any valentine's day tradtions you all may have ;)



  1. I love that last picture. How cute! I always make my boyfriend a valentine. Every year I've done that. I am not even sure she knows that, but they're fun to make!

    I also bake shortbread hearts and dip them in chocolate. They look really cute and they are super tasty :)

    Good luck!

  2. oh christen, these images are so great! who doesn't love a tasty cupcake?! i vote for doing the fort total, especially since it'll be your 1st v-day as marrieds. happy weekend to you. ♥